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Nalane Publications

List of books available from Nalane.

Qapollo ya Sesotho

Bukana ya mantswe a Sesotho.

Nalane ya Mosotho

Mekgwa le meetlo, tumelo, maele le dikapolelo, mekgabo, dipapadi, tlotlontswe le diboko tsa Basotho.

Diboko tsa Basotho

Author: Fezekile Futhwa Buka ena e fana ka tlhakisetso ya diboko ha mmoho le motso wa ditjhaba tsohle tsa Basotho.


Author: Fezekile Futhwa Buka ena e fana ka motso wa diboko tsa setjhaba sa Bafokeng.

Setho: Afrikan Thought & Belief System

Author: Fezekile Futhwa This book is all about Basotho and their ways of life. It starts with what their belief system is, and what are its characteristics. It then covers areas like the creation mythology, the foundation of the Basotho nation, traditions, customs, indigenous knowledge systems, and many other important topics that make up the Basotho nation.

Morija Museum

Publications offered in conjuction with the Morija Museum & Archives of Lesotho.



   Nalane ya Mosotho

tsebo ke lefa le sa boleng.